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lounge hire sydney
small fridge rental
small fridge rental
small fridge rental
small fridge rental
210ltr fridge
249ltr fridge
Stainless Steel o
300 - 340ltr fridge
350 - 390 ltr fridge
lounge hire sydney
bar fridge rental
Bar Fridge Stainless steel opt
lounge hire sydney
1hp portable air con rental
1HP portable air conditioner
1.5hp portable air con rental
1.5HP portable air conditioner
1.75 portable air con rental
1.75HP portable air conditioner (Reverse Cycle)
25Mj lpg gas heater
25mj Gas heater
21mj Gas heater
21Mj lpg gas heater
21Mj lpg gas heater
15mj Gas heater
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lounge hire sydney
stainless steel microwave rental sydney
vacuum cleaner rental
Vacuum cleaner

The Benchtop dishwasher is great for 'renters' as there is NO alterations done to any part of the structure of your home, the dishwasher just simply sits on your benchtop in your kitchen or can be placed in your laundry. Rent or hire a washing machine, dryer or fridge from only $0.75 each per day on the 12 month daily rate. Take the worrying out of servcing and buying a new machine and rent from Revolution Rentals today


chest freezer rental
chest freezer rental150 - 155ltr freezer 200 - 210ltr freezer
Whitegoods rental Sydney, Laundry hire
small fridge rental
500ltr fridge with Stainless Steel opt.
stainless steel option
stainless steel fridge rental
stainless steel option
air conditioner rental sydney
Benchtop Dishwasher
air conditioner rental sydney
2400Watt Panel Heater with timer
2000Watt Panel Heater with timer
1500Watt Panel Heater with timer
panel heater hire sydney
Electric panel heater hire sydney
indoor heater hire sydney* Brand - Noirot
* Slient operation
* Allergy friendly & Asthma friendly.
* Low cost heating solution.
Stainlee Steel
stainless steel dishwasher rental sydney
Dishwasher Stainless Steel
Iron & Board
Juicer hire Sydney | Party Hire SydneyJuicerice maker hire | Party hire sydneyIce MakerJuicer hire | Party hire400 - 440ltr fridgebudget whitegoods and appliancesChest Freezers
600 - 700ltr Chest Freezer
18mj Gas heater
21Mj lpg gas heater
portable air conditioner discount
1.75 portable air conditioner
1.75 portable air con rental
Whitegoods and home appliance rentals from revolution rentals Sydney. Short term rental options and long term rental on all appliance and whitegoods rental. Appliances and whitegoods available for rent include fridge rental starting at just 0.75cents per day, heater rental,microwave rental,portable air conditoner rental and more appliances and whitgoods to choose from. Rental packages available which will include a discount. Rent a washer/dryer/fridge in a package. free hit counter
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